About us

The Gathna skirt is your contemporary shield!

Specializing in the design and online sale of skirts, Gathna aspires to develop inclusive collections so that all women can find skirts that perfectly fit their silhouettes. We want to allow women to feel passionate and accomplished on a daily basis, regardless of the obstacles they will have to face. The name "Gathna" comes from the combination of the names Gabrielle and Athena. Gabrielle is the founder of the company and Athena is the Greek goddess of wisdom and war as well as a symbol of empowerment. Thus, all Gathna skirts have a silver ribbon which symbolizes not only the strength of Athena, but also the term of English origin "silver lining". This metaphor means that there is something positive behind every situation. By equipping yourself with a Gathna skirt, you will personify the optimism of "silver lining" while arming yourself with divine resilience.


The story of our founder

Gabrielle is a young entrepreneur and a great fashion enthusiast. The idea behind Gathna came to her while she was shopping with one of her friends and she mentioned her great difficulty in finding skirts in her size. By discussing this problem with women around her, they came to the following conclusion: regardless of their sizes, shapes and silhouettes, all of them struggled to find skirts that corresponded to their needs and that enhanced them. . Almost two years ago, Gabrielle started working on her company with one vision in mind, that of allowing all women to find skirts in which they will feel beautiful, passionate and confident.

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